about us

About AME Films:

AME is a world class creative studio with offices in Bhubaneswar, Mumbai and Miami, serving the motion picture, commercial production, and media industries. This is where we build spellbinding and beautiful art, technology and culture. AME is a full-service studio contributing IN everything from initial concepts TO final delivery. AME is passionate about producing the best impact on screen - from the production of high quality, fast- turnaround pre-visualization to a flawless final shot or sequence.

Working with Us:

We ARE engaged in onset supervision, look development, pre and post for our productions as well as the finishing of shots. Whatever your visual effects requirement AME is adept at providing solutions. The Key people of AME have created visual effects for over 100 films and commercials of many international luxury brands. We are highly adaptable to new technology like VR & AR too. Also please visit us, our service section for more of our services!

why choose AME

Ame understands the value of time so it always make sure to meet the target deadlines without compromising with it’s quality . AME incorporates the wealth of talent and creativity, which is abundant in its studio. With a deep talent pool and monumental technical expertise, it’s future is very bright. AME has always met the target deadlines of it’s projects. Highly commended for it’s work it always keeps its door opened for new projects. when you partner AME on a project , you have the engagement of the whole company in delivering a truly collaborative working experience.